Purpose of Good360

The mission of Gifts in Kind is to fulfill the needs of non-profit organizations with the help of donations from corporations. Products as well as money from individuals, small companies and big corporations are distributed to various registered charitable organizations all over the world.

The organization aims to fulfill the missions of non-profits by providing product resources. It also helps organizations by helping them give back to the society where they are based. It also aims to help individuals to increase the effect of cash contributions that can help send the donated products to the needy charities. The organization in a sense aims to create a win-win situation where both the donating corporations feel better by getting rid of their excess stock and non-profits gaining donated products that they need. This also helps keep the excess products from corporations to accumulate in landfills and instead gives them a second life by helping it reach where it is most urgently needed.

Good 360 allows the charities to register online and the donated products available at Good 360 can be viewed online and ordered by these organizations. The products will be available for free for the charitable organizations, but they will have to pay a service fee which will go towards shipping and handling of the products. The registered organizations can access Good 360's inventory list anytime for the available donations and order. The products will delivered within 2 days after ordering. The organizations can also partner with a local retail stores so that they can procure the goods without any delay and shipping costs.

Microsoft, Dell, Disney, Lego, Mattel, GM, JC Penny and Hilton are few among the numerous corporates who are a part of the Good 360 network. It is not always required for the charities to pay a service fee for the goods they order from Good 360, with sometimes the donor offering to take care of the shipping and handling charges as well. Apart from that, the individuals can also donate money or offer money volunteer for the organization. The money donated by individuals will also be utilized for shipping and handling of goods all over the world to the needy and to various charitable organizations.


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